Are You Happy With Your Inner Circle?

Who do you know will return your text or call within minutes right at the second you need them? 

Executives, entrepreneurs, and consultants alike all need a strong inner circle of people they trust who will support, guide, and tell it to them straight when they need it.

I’m writing this as I fly back from Washington DC where I got to meet with some of my inner circle as we were speaking and attending the same event. I even decided to bring together some of my clients from Belgium, Canada, and across the US to help them form connections for their own inner circles.

I got a giant jolt of energy.

We were able to catch up slowly to fill in the blanks between the brief text and email updates.

...and probably most importantly, we were able to jointly celebrate the life of a dear colleague who lost her battle with cancer last week.

Is it time to reconsider, update, and reconnect with your inner circle?

Wishing you an abundance of people who surround you and lift you up.

Dedicated to growing your business,


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