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Thoughtfully Ruthless lays out the secret to rapid business growth by showing you how to unbelievably invent more time, catapult your energy, and boost the productivity of your resources. Thoughtfully Ruthless reveals how to create explosive growth!

You can adopt the habits, skills, and practices of some of the most successful business leaders of our time. You’ll learn how to become sensi­bly selfish, how to spend your time and energy, and what issues to delegate or ignore so you can clear your slate to focus on what really matters to you. Designed around the princi­ples it lays out, this straightforward resource comes packed with tangible directives that are quick and easy to use, inject fresh energy into your routine, and immediately improve the way you operate.

Start your transformation now and be selfish—get Thoughtfully Ruthless and shape your leadership to drive business growth, get promoted faster, and create the life you love.


“Val Wright has worked in some of the toughest corporate cultures in business; she’s seen it all. “ Thoughtfully Ruthless” acts as a personal playbook to navigate your career in the most competitive of environments by focusing on your strengths and identifying growth opportunities for your company. Essential reading for executives at every level…”

Peter Moore, Chief Operating Officer, Electronic Arts

"Val’s work and book Thoughtfully ruthless is an amazing tool that every executive or aspiring executive can learn from. Unlocking effectiveness and teaching how to take care of yourself, teams and business though transparency, not shying away from being thoughtfully ruthless on the things that matter most. I am at my best more often by utilizing these teachings."

John Phillips, Vice President, Global Talent Acquisition, Starbucks Corporation

“Val Wright has always provided the frank, honest, insightful feedback I’ve needed to be a better leader. “Thoughtfully Ruthless” takes that to the next level by focusing on the scarce resources of time and energy that challenge all of us in our professional and personal lives. Val provides the stories and insights necessary to bring her message of empowerment home in an impactful way that should be very valuable for any leader.”

Robbie Bach, Former Microsoft President, Chief Xbox Officer, and Author of Xbox Revisited: A Game Plan for Corporate and Civic Renewal

"Val Wright is the real deal, an executive coach who "gets it.” She will change the way you think, the way you perceive challenges, and the way you implement personal leadership. "Thoughtfully Ruthless" is a must for every leader who wants to up his or her game."

Kate Hill, Former executive, Tribune Publishing

"Thoughtfully Ruthless manages to capture the character of the leaders each of us has dealt with, as well as those we try to emulate. The valuable information within the book, as well as the enthralling way in which it is presented, exceeded all of my expectations, leaving me impressed and motivated to improve as a leader."

Ilan Spillinger, CVP Hololens and Custom Silicon, Microsoft Corporation

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