The Innovation Trifecta®


Companies that catapult innovation have one common trait: they pay attention to the symbiotic relationship between their technical, creative, and business minds. Too often these three are unintentionally out of balance. But a deliberate focus on how you lead, make decisions, and inspire inside and outside your company will accelerate innovation.

Just like the sun, the expertise of your CEO is the pivotal power of your organization, and the rest of your leadership team need complementary talents that orbit the CEO like planets in a solar system. Companies that are too focused and heavy on technical expertise will lose creativity. Companies that are too creative may not have a profitable solution. Companies that weight decisions purely on business metrics won't delight customers and create exponential growth through innovation.

The Innovation Trifecta® provides the symbiosis so that you can create innovative products and services that your customers will love.


The Innovation Trifecta® Accelerator Program

Your creative, technical, and business experts are not all running at the same speed towards the same future. Your future growth depends on both brilliant ideas and flawless execution, but not everyone sees or prioritizes that.


Hear Val Speak on the Innovation Trifecta®

Built by CMOs, for CMOs, this exclusive gathering presents dynamic speakers and opportunities to collaborate on the most relevant and pressing issues CMOs encounter today.


The Innovation Trifecta® Audio Recording