Executive Adviser

Val Wright works with a select number of Senior Leaders as an Executive Adviser, either backstage or in a more visible role. She works with Executive teams and Boards to accelerate growth and innovation by helping leaders become more Thoughtfully Ruthless®.

Executives who have worked with Val to become more Thoughtfully Ruthless® report the following results:

  • 37% increase in share price – CEO, Wanted Analytics
  • Nine hours a week, (every week!) saved with our leadership team - Senior Vice President, Starbucks
  • Personally freed up 20 hours a week, every week - Director, Banking
  • Created capacity within the executive team to allowing me to triple the size of my role, and achieve rapid promotion - Executive, Global Retailer
  • Achieved uncharted success in influencing top customers and investors in the future strategy of our business - Executive, Technology
In her role as an adviser, Val:
  • Uncovers lost hours and days that can be recovered and repurposed to grow your business rapidly
  • Increases executives and teams personal energy levels from being in the 10% low battery mode to fully charged
  • Rapidly identifies whether you have the right team in place to catapult your growth and how to leapfrog your competition
  • Speeds up the time and quality of decision-making
  • Increases followership and understanding among employees, investors, and customers
  • Creates capacity in businesses to allow for increased innovation and growth
  • Provides endless ideas, examples, and practical tools for immediate use
  • Acts as a confidential sounding board for all aspects of business growth

Contact Val today to discuss how you will rapidly change your business trajectory and personal happiness.