Why Do We Need Permission to be Invisible?

The cameras are always rolling. Every angle, every move, like an episode of the latest Bravo reality TV show. But do we really need to ask permission to be invisible? 

An old 90's hilarious comedy The Fast Show had a hilarious character running around and his catch phrase was "You ain't seen me--right?!" When he was running in suspicious places up to strange things. 

It happened this week while at CrossFit, the cameras started to roll...and one of my friends said "NO! I'm not meant to be here--no posting photos!"

The new teacher of one of my daughters is a prolific instagram, twitter, and Facebook poster of kids pictures, I had to remind her that I didn't want any public boomerangs, photos or videos of one of my seven year old on her sites. 

Maybe the Apple executive Eddy Cue accused of screaming profanities at Rihanna wishes he was invisible, or Travis Kalanick's infamous uber ride recording of his verbal attack on one of his drivers.  

Either way, the cameras won't stop rolling, you can no longer be invisible. Occasionally you may be able to ask permission to be a ghost like my friend at CrossFit. But instead, pay attention to the virtual you. Google yourself--what appears? Your prospective employees, employers, headhunters, and board members will be.

I always do this for all of my new executive clients and they are often surprised what I uncover (who knew MySpace still exists or that Vimeo video from 1990 is public?)

What do your results represent?

Does the virtual you reflect the real you?


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The Ghost at CrossFit Resistance this week