Free Webinar: Galvanize your Team for Exponential Results

Are you proud of how your team consistently delivers breakthrough performance or would you rather not think about the wasted time and energy making decisions, sharing information and making changes? 

Does the mention of team-building cause you to roll your eyes at the thought of the ineffective waste of time?


Does this sound familiar? 

• You spend too much time executing against current plans vs. considering potential new opportunities and making strategic choices. 

• Your team decisions are not clear, may not stick, take too long or get made and then undone. 

• Individuals and teams are not running at maximum efficiency and fail to be thoughtfully ruthless with their time, energy and resources. 

• A new leader, executive or team member has created uncertainty and lack of clarity.  

Register now to join me live on April 9th at 8am PDT, or read here about my Galvanize Your Team program..

You will learn how to: 

• Increase the time your team spends on customers, products and profits 

• Create crystal clear inspiring communication 

• Create a ‘meet and decide’ culture 

• Assess your team against the crucial behaviors required to thrive 

• Apply benchmarked practices of galvanized teams 

• Avoid wasting time and money on pleasant but ineffective team building activities. 

All teams need reflection, focus and attention to create distinctive breakthrough performance. When you have a galvanized team, you will continue to excel and exceed your aspirations. Join me for a thought-provoking hour of insights, practical exercises and best practices from leading Fortune 50 companies. You will leave inspired and equipped with three critical actions to galvanize your team in 2014. There is no cost to attend, register today and get free access to the recording. 

My work with hundreds of teams, with CEO’s, founders and executives, spans technical, business and creative leaders in a variety of global Fortune 50 companies including Xbox, Amazon, Microsoft, LinkedIn and PopCap Games. CEO’s and Business Leaders seek me out to catapult their career and personal success ahead of their peers.

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I look forward to seeing you there.


Val Wright