Remarkable results with strangers?

Could you perform with an unknown team?

I am in New York this week and I had the fortune of joining Jamie Cullum at the Blue Notes Jazz club for the launch of his new album, Interlude.  

He was incredible.  


He brought with him five of his regular band members from England, but also played with an additional ten players that were New York locals, creating a dramatic big band in a minuscule venue.  

You would never had known that he was playing with strangers by the flow, the passion and the fun they were all having.  Jamie regularly shared the spotlight and introduced the whole band to the audience. My favorite part was when he delights in one of the band members solo act on trombone. He is not afraid to share the limelight. 

The crowd was packed in and captivated by the excitement and emotion of the performance. 

As I am watching Jamie I thought about the executives I work with who often tell me when they take over a new team they need lots of time to assess individuals, they are cautious to raise the bar for performance and don't trust their gut or instinct enough.  They take months to evaluate before action. 

If a musician can jump off an international flight with jet lag and get on stage a few hours later and create a captivating performance with a group of strangers, why can't leaders quickly deliver results with a new team?

They often know what to do, but are reluctant to act too fast for fear of being seen as too rash, hasty or not taking time to learn the business deeply enough. 

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Now get on stage!