Forget resolutions - Create your Lost Discipline List

What are the three top reasons you don't achieve what you set out to achieve?

Can't answer that question straight away? Then you are wasting your time with your goals, New Year or otherwise.  Having worked alongside many of the top leaders in the world's most innovative companies there is one crucial element that sets apart exceptional leaders: discipline.  Knowing how to accelerate your discipline and being conscious of the triggers that cause you to loose it can transform your results and your reputation in 2014. 

Before you write another list of resolutions for your work and life, it is important to take time to reflect on why you didn't set out to achieve what you planned or hope to.  This may take ten minutes or a month depending how honest you are with yourself or if you have ever given this thought before.  

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Some tips to create your Lost Discipline List:

  1. Take yourself back to January 2013, what hopes and aspirations did you have for 2013? Which did you not achieve? List all the reasons why you didn't.  Go beyond easy answers that blame conditions out of your control and focus on what you could have done differently.
  2.  Use the 'Toddler Why Test' by asking yourself why, why, why, but why? until you get to the cause of what is getting in your way. 
  3. You may want to review your Lost Discipline List with someone you trust and can have a candid conversation with so you can be sure you are identifying the true root causes of your lost discipline. 

Once you know your top three causes you can address them and get on with setting goals that you can actually achieve and exceed rather than lofty resolutions that will be forgotten by February. 

If you are in the top 5% of exceptional performers who always exceed what they set out to achieve, make sure you know the factors that accelerate your discipline so you can replicate your success in 2014. 

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Happy New Years Eve!