Six Secrets to Branding Your Business in the Digital World


Confused by how to use Google plus, Twitter and Facebook to accelerate your business?

Last night I attended the British American Business Council's first Marketing and Digital Media event - 'How to Brand Your Business in the Digital World' at UTA's new fabulous offices in Beverly Hills.

Four leading experts shared their advice from famous brands including Tom's, Liz Taylor and Big Bang Theory.

Here are the top six secrets to branding your business in today's digital world:  

  1. Retweeting or liking is far more valuable than volume posts. You will annoy your followers if you clog up their feed. 
  2. Your social media team are now your 1# customer service channel.  Are you staffing that team appropriately and listening to them?  It is no longer dial 1 for customer service, it is tweet and complain. 
  3. You now have listening tools, create a listening brief for how you respond. 
  4. How are you surprising and delighting your customers?  Someone checks in and you give them immediate surprise value with something free.  Go beyond the 'by ten coffee's get one free' idea. 
  5. The reality of execution is hard work, you have to have the right talent and expertise.   Big Bang Theory created a whole experience around Twitter, additional unique content and an advice channel unique for Twitter followers
  6. It is no surprise that Mobile is the fastest growing element of how customers access content, everyone is dashing to ensure their mobile experience is seamless and accessible.

Great story telling, adapting campaigns as you go, and keeping your brand relevant are essential for every business.  The same principles can be applied for how you communicate to your employees:

  • Are you inspiring and surprising your team or sending them to sleep with your tedious lengthy emails?
  • 70% of internal communications never get read.
  • Are you listening enough to your employees?

We can learn a lot from Banksy, the elusive British street artist about how we communicate with our customers and employees, I explained more at Watermark's Innovation Conference earlier this month, including the 8 second rule of attention:

Share in the comments how you are inspiring your customers and employees.

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Val Wright