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Val’s keynote at the Institute of Directors Director of the Year Awards, England

Val’s keynote at the Institute of Directors Director of the Year Awards, England

Val Wright is a recognized global leadership and innovation expert.  Val moved to the United States from England ten years ago and shares lessons from her corporate executive career working alongside some of the most prolific innovators at Xbox, BMW and Amazon.  Clients of Val Wright Consulting include executives from Microsoft, Financial Times, LinkedIn, Starbucks, PopCap Games, and Sonos, and all know Val as the growth accelerator.  Her forthcoming book “Thoughtfully Ruthless SM: The Key to Exponential Growth,” explores the pivotal role innovation plays in catapulting ahead of the competition. 


Future Events

November 4, 2016 (Sonoma County, CA) - Harvest Summit
November 30, 2016 (Los Angeles, CA) - Evanta CHRO Leadership Summit
February 15-16, 2017 (Dallas, TX) - Million Dollar Mentor Summit - By invitation only.
April 26-28, 2017, (Chicago, IL) - Million Dollar Consulting Convention



  • LA Chamber of Commerce
  • Watermark Innovation Conference
  • California HR Conference
  • The Press Enterprise Top Workplace Awards
  • Innovate Pasadena
  • Association of Corporate Growth
  • Entertainment Software HR Association  



Sample Keynotes

  • Being Thoughtfully Ruthless: How to build a remarkable business and live a wonderful life, in parallel.
  • How to accelerate not put the brakes on innovation. Learn critical lessons that every leader can apply to catapult growth.
  • Creating the Leapfrog Organization. How fast growing companies scale astronomically.
  • Hope, luck and telepathy will not work. The ten steps to an exceptional leadership team.
  • The Eye Of The Storm. How to thrive not just survive during significant change.

  • What will be your legacy? How to be remembered long after you have left.


Val's keynote to CEOs at Top Workplace Awards evening

Val's keynote to CEOs at Top Workplace Awards evening

Additional general topics

  • Accelerating results through change
  • Cultures that accelerate innovation
  • Organization development
  • You have got the job, now deliver results! 
  • The cultural continuum: how to lead, decide and communicate
  • Managing remote teams
  • Listen. No really, listen
  • Across the pond: apparently we speak the same language
  • Developing leaders
  • Creating successors
  • Leading global teams
  • Raising the performance bar
  • Nurturing your stars
  • Retaining the best



Speaking Testimonials


Hear from the Watermark CEO and other attendees at Val Wright's Keynote Speech 'Impacting Innovation: The Organization of the Future' in front of 150 attendees at the Watermark Innovation Conference held at Ericsson's HQ in San Jose, CA, October 2013.

Hear from attendees at Val's Entertainment Industry Speech:

What will be your legacy? - How to be remembered long after you have left. 


Val Wright shares how the idea of Kinect was formed: when a select group of experts played with lego and playdoh and broke all the cultural rules at Xbox.

Val Wright shares critical communication lessons from British street artist Banksy