The Innovation Trifecta® Accelerator

Are you experiencing one of these situations?

Your creative, technical, and business experts are not all running at the same speed towards the same future.

You feel like you have landed in Japan and are speaking French trying to communicate across technical, creative, and business teams. (speaking slower or louder isn’t working!)

Your future growth depends on both brilliant ideas and flawless execution, but not everyone sees or prioritizes that.

Too much leadership time is spent in the wrong time zone, stuck in the 30-day-danger-zone of current demands vs. imagining and creating your future business.

A communication bubble exists around the leaders or leadership team, like oil and water the two versions of the truth repel each other.

Decisions are not clear, may not stick, take too long or get made and then undone.

Your competition and your industry is evolving at a faster rate than you are and you need reinvention.

If so, you will benefit from The Innovation Trifecta® Accelerator Program, contact me today to discuss your specific company goals and I will develop a customized program unique to accelerating results in your business.

My work with hundreds of teams, with CEO’s, founders and executives, spans technical, business and creative leaders in a variety of global Fortune 50 companies including Xbox, Amazon, Microsoft, LinkedIn and PopCap Games.  I have developed a method for creating rapid innovation and change within companies that produces dramatic results.

At the end of The Innovation Trifecta® Accelerator you will have: 

  • Formed a symbiotic relationship between your creative, technical, and business teams
  • Greater clarity and focus on strategic priorities
  • Faster, clearer decision making across creative, technical, and business teams
  • Additional discretionary time to reinvest in your business goals
  • A stronger bond, greater resolve and new mechanisms to faster identify and executive new revenue and profit generating ideas
  • Practical tips and thought provoking strategies and lessons drawn from my experience working with Fortune 50 teams at companies like Amazon, Starbucks, Gartner, Microsoft and Xbox

The Innovation Trifecta® Accelerator Day

A series of customized assessments and practical immersions, including but not limited to:

  • The Innovation Trifecta® Measurement Assessment: Identifying unique opportunities for your creative, technical, and business teams.
  • The Decision Dilemma: understand, identify and assess the six critical elements that cause decision-making frustration and confusion.
  • Team accelerators and decelerators: identifying, amplifying and removing the right activities and behaviors.
  • The Thoughtfully Ruthless® Leader:your approach to your energy, time and resources for individual leaders and the team.
  • Mastering the Eight Second Rule of Communication: fine tuning your leadership team and organization communication to inspire and provoke action.
  • Taking the energy beyond one day: creating a realistic accountability plan

Additional Game-Changers. Add on all or any of the following options:

1. View from the sidelines

Having an external impartial view of your team dynamics can be enlightening, provoking and illuminating.  This option includes a personal observation from Val of one team meeting or event and follow up de-brief 1-1’s with members of the team.  This would take place prior to and inform your Innovation Trifecta® Accelerator Day.

2. Burst Your Bubble

Debunk your belief about what is happening within your organization.  Many leaders invest in development for themselves and their leadership team, but forget to pay attention to those in the circle around them.  This option includes an online survey to those reporting to the leadership team and select interviews with leaders focusing on 'The Innovation Trifecta® Accelerators and Decelerators'.

3. Strategic clarity

You may be at a critical inflection point of your business where your strategy needs an overhaul or reboot.  This option is an additional half-day to explore strategic options and chart a course for your business or organization.  By the end of this session you will have mapped out the external and internal landscape and identified strategic options for you to decide.  This should take place prior to The Innovation Trifecta® Accelerator Day.

4. Group coaching

Personal coaching for everyone on the team by Val Wright by video or phone.

5. Group Innovation Experience**

**This option can be an add on or a stand alone alternative

Experience a workshop in the style of the experience that created the Kinect for Xbox, which sold 20M devices worldwide. High energy. Focused creativity and an experience your attendees will talk about as the ‘best offsite ever!’ with breakthrough results.  Highly customized to provoke innovation and ideas within your own culture.  Call today so we can create a unique seminal event for your business or organization.


Don’t just listen to me, listen to leaders who I have partnered with to transform their team’s results:

"I had the pleasure of working with Val at Microsoft as we were building the Xbox organization, and her insights, people development skills and infectious energy were integral to our ultimate success…I can’t recommend Val strongly enough, as both a developer of talent and an organizational problem solver. We couldn’t have done it without her!"

Peter R. Moore, Chief Operating Officer, Electronic Arts


"Val has uncanny instincts about how to direct leaders to act and communicate more effectively.  She assesses people dynamics quickly and accurately and has the courage to state the truth about what she sees.  She offers great, actionable solutions and in our time working together I sought and acted on her advice with regularity.  I trust her judgment implicitly."

Cathy Beaudoin, President, Amazon Fashion


"Your session pulled together all the work we have been doing, made it relevant and brought it to life, you certainly made a mark!"

Executive, Global Services Organization Fortune 50 Company


"You did a great job facilitating, keeping the conversation moving without being co-opted for others peoples purpose – you remained neutral and clearly have a huge vested interest in our long term success – thank you!"

Executive, Global Services Organization Fortune 50 Company


"Val is unique because of her compassionate truth-telling, fearlessness and experience working with creative, technical and business leaders in a variety of global companies.  She knows how to unlock your potential and show your next level of value."

Executive, Fortune 50 Company