Galvanize your Team to Accelerate Results

Have you ever walked away from a corporate retreat or team building session thinking ‘what a waste of time!’ ? You may have learned something new or discovered something interesting about your peers, but it did not help you solve the challenges you are wrestling with to deliver your goals. I developed the Galvanize Your Team workshop because many of my clients tell me they are not getting the most out of their leadership team, they have significant opportunities that are passing them by, or they are spending too much energy internally trying to get alignment, sponsorship, agreement or resources rather than focusing on their customers, products and profits.

The Galvanize Your Team workshop is not your typical ‘navel-gazing-let’s-just-have-some-fun-and-get-to-know-each-other’ type of event.  You will have candid conversations, unearth the true issues that are preventing you achieving your goals and come out of it with a stronger bond, greater resolve and new tools that you can use to transform how you work as a team.  You will also gain additional discretionary time to use as you choose.  Now that is an investment worth making.

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For the first three teams that sign up, special discounts apply; call me today to hear more. 626 387 7600.


Val Wright