Slam on the brakes to go faster

I am in Rhode Island this week with my mentor Alan Weiss and my growth circle, an inner-circle of peers and mutual personal advisors. While watching the rainbow of leaves on the trees and the ducks on the pond we are creating the ideal habitat we want to live in and making the plan that will transport us there.

It would have been easy for me to skip this week. A new client wanted me to run a strategy discussion for them in the Bay Area, I am finishing up writing my new book Thoughtfully Ruthless, while also writing my book proposal for my second book, and fielding more requests to speak at conferences and be a trusted advisor to executives than ever before.

I slammed on the brakes. I was in full in execution mode and I needed to resist the strong gravitational pull that was sucking me into the immediate tactics and distracting me from spending time and energy on my future business.

Focussing on the right spot is a conscious decision that differentiates those able to make the next catapult leap in results.

When did you last slam on your brakes?

It will take you into the express lane.