You Time

When did you last take some uninterrupted, unstructured time away?


Not work time.
Not family time.
Not chores time.
Not spend time with people you feel obligated to time.

But you-time.

I am just ending my fifth day of just that in Palm Springs. Free from a schedule, commitments, alarm clocks and deadlines. The most strenuous activity was to decide where to eat three times a day.

I was with two of my closest friends celebrating my 40th birthday, swimming, reading books and relaxing.

Last night we ate at Copleys, a delightful restaurant at Cary Grant's former estate. They had just re-opened after their annual seven-week shut down. I asked one of the owners Gregg Butterfield, why they closed for the summer. "It is the life I wanted to create for myself, having that much time off each year", was his reply. Now many business owners may have worried about the lost business or how their employees would react, but Gregg was clear about the vision and reality he wanted to build for his business and his life. Many executives and entrepreneurs forget that part.

Executives who consistently deliver exceptional results give themselves a regular gift of "Me-Time". It is scheduled in, protected and enjoyed with guilt-free pleasure.

You have a precious 8,760 hours each year to spend as you choose. You deserve to dedicate some of those just for you. No excuses.

My biggest mistake was the last time I did this was three years ago. Way too much time as passed. I will now be dedicating a regular dose of my 8,760 hours each year to me-time.

-What about you?
-When did you last have me-time?
-When is it next scheduled?

A final tip for those with significant others in their lives: give your partner a gift of me time first. Then schedule yours for later in the year.

Let me know your favorite places to go for your me-time in the comments.