Why aren’t more leaders already Thoughtfully Ruthless®?

Leaders often focus on just managing their time. They forget to be selfish with how they maintain their energy levels, and how they ruthlessly manage their resources. They worry too much about how they’re viewed, they try to be too thoughtful or too ruthless, and they fail to define, understand, and live by what makes them uniquely thoughtfully ruthless®. Leaders are not imperturbable. They let distractions, small and large, knock them off course. They don’t know how to get back on track and they don’t where to go for help.

Thoughtfully Ruthless® Growth Sprint

What is the Thoughtfully Ruthless® Growth Sprint?

An eight-week intensive experience for leaders and entrepreneurs led by leadership and innovation expert Val Wright, author of Thoughtfully Ruthless: The Key to Exponential Growth.

Why this matters?

In today’s world, rapid growth is the norm. But that growth often brings input overload. We are all on a permanent virtual center stage with the whole world watching and reporting every move. Leaders need to know how to be ruthless, but in a thoughtful way.

There are endless books and resources focused on time management, team and project management, and leadership. But none of these address the missing link for success: the importance of managing: your time, your energy, and resources in parallel—or you will fail.

Why you should be Thoughtfully Ruthless®:
  • You will grow your business faster
  • You will out-pace your peers
  • You will have more time to use as you choose
  • You will become more energized and inspired
  • Your heart will feel full, because your focus is on people and work that you love
  • You will create remarkable support and followership
  • You will no longer just be brilliant, you will become brilliant at demonstrating your brilliance
Who would most benefit from this?

Any leader who wants to rapidly unlock growth and innovation in order to:

  • Rapidly grow their business
  • Magically create more time
  • Boost and maintain their own energy and that of their teams
  • Maximize their resources around them so they can build their company of the future today

CEOs, executives, directors, founders, board members, and entrepreneurs from any industry will benefit from attending.

This experience is ideal for those leaders who want flexible, rapid real-time learning that can be implemented when and where you want, rather than on a set schedule.

How will I be changed from attending this?

Leaders who have become more Thoughtfully Ruthless® report the following results:

  • 37% increase in share price – CEO, Wanted Analytics
  • Nine hours a week saved with our leadership team - Senior Vice President, Starbucks
  • Personally freed up 20 hours a week, every week - Director, Building Society
How does this work?

Following the tremendous success of the Thoughtfully Ruthless book, Val received requests to offer real-time guidance to leaders to learn how to apply these concepts. She developed this program especially for busy executives.

  • You’ll first complete the Thoughtfully Ruthless® Executive Assessment
  • Val will provide feedback on your Thoughtfully Ruthless® Executive Assessment with ideas for immediately creating more time, boosting your energy, and maximizing the use of your resources
  • Each week, you’ll be sent a podcast recording

Here's the episode list and scheduling:

Week 1: Distinguishing Yourself For Exponential Growth
Week 2: Becoming Brilliant At Demonstrating Your Brilliance
Week 3: Leaving Your Legacy: Why Wishful Thinking Works
Week 4: Creating Your Leapfrog Business And Leapfrog Organization
Week 5: Focusing On The Right Spot: Magically Creating More Hours
Week 6: Keeping Your Battery On Full Charge
Week 7: Your Circle Of Influence
Week 8: Becoming A Leadership Exemplar

How much time and effort is required?

Each week you will be sent a 30 minute podcast, which you may review at your convenience. You will receive assignments during each episode that will take 5 to 30 minutes.

What is the investment?

The program is available at $1,500, and commences March 1, 2017.

What if I miss a session-- how will I catch up?

You can listen to the podcast live, or wait for the recording. The program is designed to allow you to progress at your own pace.

How have others been positively changed after they’ve become Thoughtfully Ruthless®?

Leaders across a wide range of industries have had profound results from implementing these methodologies. Read what they have to say.

Who is Val Wright?

Val works with Fortune 1000 executives accelerating growth and innovation, creating compassionate truth telling, fearlessness, and extensive creative, technical, and leadership improvements. Her clients include household names like Starbucks, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Financial Times, and DreamWorks Animation, as well as other organizations that are making extraordinary gains in innovative techniques. She was recently inducted into the Million Dollar Consultant® Hall of Fame, one of only 64 people in the world so honored.

In addition to writing a regular column for Inc. Magazine on innovation, Val has also been quoted extensively on CNBC, Business Insider, Fast Company, Bloomberg, Reuters, and LA Times. Her recently published book, Thoughtfully Ruthless: The Key to Exponential Growth, explores the pivotal role innovation plays in catapulting ahead of the competition.

How do I find out more?

Contact Val@valwrightconsulting.com for more information.