Executive Retainer Advice

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Executive Retainer Advice


Initial Payment for Executive Retainer Advice, remaining payment of $45,000 to be paid by 1/31/17 to receive 10% discount.

We agreed that we would work together with a Strategic Executive Advisor agreement including me designing and facilitating your leadership offsite in January.


This executive retainer option provides you with rapid response access to me on an advisory basis by video, phone, email, text, and where mutually convenient, face to face.  This would give you timely and effective advice along with a strategic sounding board to deliver your strategic and executional goals.  I would provide insights and share world class proven leadership and innovation approaches that will accelerate how quickly you will deliver results in your role by giving you candid feedback on any aspect of your role you request.


This is intended to provide just-in-time assistance to you when you need it.  You will have unlimited access to me from 8am to 5pm US Pacific Standard Time during the week.  If not immediately, I will return all phone calls and texts within 90 minutes and all emails, Microsoft Team notifications within 24hours and usually much faster.  You may contact me in an emergency beyond these provisions. 


For your January Offsite this will include:

·      My review of relevant strategy, organizational materials and other documents as preparation.

·      Planning sessions with you as needed.

·      Introduction by phone to each of the participants as preparation to build connection and gain insights.

·      Design and facilitate the event to incorporate models and approaches to rapidly accelerate results.

·      Provide a combination of active facilitation and observation of the day as we agree.

·      Develop relevant threads of work leading up to January’s event immediately that will ensure the day delivers clear outcomes and results.

·      Provide recommendations on each of your direct reports based on my observations and our discussions.

Duration: six months.

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