Being a Thoughtfully Ruthless® Consultant - Video


Being a Thoughtfully Ruthless® Consultant - Video


Being Thoughtfully Ruthless℠: Building your business, improving your clients, living your life.

It is easy to remember a thoughtful leader, yet a ruthless leader may leave a greater lasting impression.  The key to phenomenal success is being Thoughtfully Ruthless with your time, your energy and your resources.  The Million Dollar community connects you with the top global consultants; learn how Val has grabbed that opportunity, while others have watched from the sidelines.

You will learn:

  • How to triple the value of your proposals by being Thoughtfully Ruthless.
  • Techniques that will catapult your client’s profit by creating Thoughtfully Ruthless leaders.
  • Why wishful thinking works, you will stop dreaming and start living.  
  • Five critical lessons to avoid wasting your time, mental labor and personal money.
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Since launching her business 18 months ago, Val has become the growth accelerator with top executives at Fortune 1000 companies including Microsoft, LinkedIn and DreamWorks Animation.  She has been interviewed by, along with thirty other publications. Her forthcoming book, Thoughtfully Ruthless: the Key to Exponential Growth, explores the pivotal role innovation plays in standing out from the competition using lessons from her clients and corporate career as an executive at Xbox and Amazon Fashion.

Val is unique because of her compassionate truth-telling, fearlessness and experience working with creative, technical and business leaders in a variety of global companies. She is a true force that unlocks your potential and helps you drive next level results.
— Marc Whitten, Chief Product Officer, Sonos Inc.

(Video from Million Dollar Consulting Convention 2014.)